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  • Complete heavy-duty tubular bolted together construction.

  • Fully mechanical mechanisms with straightforward engage and release function.

  • Woolpacks of different flap dimensions are adaptable.

  • Mohair packs fit in the unit without a dummy bottom due to the cutaway of three sides lower in the box to facilitate and bale fasten the pack.

  • Secure door-closing latch with safety lock.

  • Door elevated from ground-level for ease of opening.

  • High tensile skewers 14mm diameter – Bales can be extracted from box with skewers.

  • New platen design for ease of entering skewers.

  • Frame hinged on one side for ease of bale removal.

  • Recessed floor base to allow for entry of stack trolley for bale removal.

  • Climbing step on box to allow for easier wool handling.

  • Pressing platen hangers on box.

  • Two bale clip holders and one pack grab hook.

  • Fully portable on 200mm diameter rubber wheels and bakkie transportable – weight only ~175kg